Why Information Security Awareness Program?

People are the weakest link in an organization’s attempts to secure its information assets – be it inside your IT systems or printed documents. However, more often than not, they are the most neglected aspect of an organization’s information security management system. Organizations must realize that they cannot protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets without ensuring that all people involved in using and managing information asset

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities related to information security
  • Understand organization’s information security policies and procedures
  • Have at least adequate knowledge of tools and techniques required and available to protect information assets, which they are responsible for.

Information Security awareness program assists in building and maintaining a comprehensive awareness among employees – both end users as well as system administrators/ IT team. It also communicates management intent on information security requirements and provides consistent guidance to your IT team and users. It demonstrates your commitment to information security and also provides assurance to your auditors.

How can Turnkey help?

Turnkey provides assistance in designing, developing and implementing information security awareness program for your organization. We can assist you in identifying awareness and training needs and developing training plans.

Turnkey Information Security Awareness Program


Turnkey uses a life-cycle approach for information security awareness program to assist you in

  • Selecting relevant awareness and training topics
  • Implementing awareness and training material, using a variety of methods
  • Monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of program
  • Updating and improving focus as technology and organizational priorities change.

Our program is aimed at all levels of the organization including senior management. The program explains proper rules of behavior for the use of organization’s IT systems and information, information security policies and procedures that need to be followed, and sanctions imposed due to non-compliance.

We also assist organizations in running and managing information security awareness programs. This includes development of awareness materials such as induction program, training slides, posters, email communications, competitions, interactive programs, annual compliance questionnaire, etc.