Compliance Maze

Information security is a complex area – apart from the technical threats and risks, most of the organizations also grapple with multiple compliance requirements. This includes listing requirements (e.g., SOX, J-SOX, etc), industry requirements (e.g., GMP, MAS 634, HIPPA, GLBA, etc), data privacy requirements (e.g., DLP, CSI DPP, etc), information security standards (e.g., ISO 27001, FISMA, COBIT, etc), audit requirements (e.g., SAS70, AGS8, etc) and at times other standards such as ITIL, PMP, CMM, etc.

It is difficult for any organization to navigate the compliance maze. Most organizations end up confused and duplicating their compliance efforts – without actually achieving a sustainable compliance process.

Why is compliance important?

In some cases, compliance to an industry or listing requirement is not an option – it is a must. Even when they are not mandatory, compliance with information security standards demonstrates maturity of your IT processes, IT organization and information security. It also establishes customer (internal or external) confidence in your information security capabilities. And it keeps your auditors happy!

How Turnkey can help?

Turnkey provides assistance in designing and implementing IT processes and controls to achieve compliance with various standards. We also assist organization in selection of certification agencies that perform the certification audits.

Turnkeys approach to achieve compliance is based on our understanding of best practices in the area of IT process and controls. We perform a ReadinessScan before we embark on any compliance project. ReadinessScan lets us leverage on the existing IT processes and controls and minimize the changes required to achieve compliance. We have access to specialists in various compliance standards to provide you an efficient and cost effective way to compliance.

Turnkey ReadinessScan Suite

Turnkey follows a structured phase-wise approach to lead you to compliance. We have solutions for most of the information security standards such as:

  • SOX/ J-SOX
  • SAS70/ AGS 8
  • ISO 27001
  • MAS 634
  • ITIL.

Knowledge Transfer

We assist you by empowering your employees to sustain the compliance efforts on an ongoing basis. We work with your team to transfer knowledge as part of our work. We also offer trainings and workshops for various compliance standards.