SAP implementations are notoriously difficult to bring in on-time and on-budget, with first attempts often delivering only the basics. Many organisations initiate enhancement projects over time to further develop functionality and try to ensure a return on investment.  This applies as much to security as to other business functions.

Whilst it’s important to get design right first time, there are many ways to optimise and improve your control environment, either by leveraging other projects that are underway or by commissioning stand-alone security initiatives.

At Turnkey Consulting, we are well placed to assist you in identifying opportunities for improvement, which can often be very quick to achieve, with minimal additional investment.  Our consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, having audit and operational experience as well as technical expertise that will aid in getting the most out of your investment. 


We initially conduct a gap analysis to identify where there are potential opportunities to optimise your current technology and processes.  We then work with you and your team to prioritise the activities that will bring you the most benefit and develop action plans to achieve these. 

Typical enhancements that you may be considering could include:


Initial implementations generally focus on managing segregation of duties and privileged access.  Even greater value can be obtained through integrating these elements with other modules within the tool such as process controls.


You may have experienced significant call volumes post go-live due to authorisation failures, or find that the design that you currently employ does not address future business requirements.  We can help you to determine the most cost-effective ways to address design issues.


Audit reviews may have identified segregation of duty conflicts that require remediation in order to maintain sufficient levels of compliance.


In order to optimise your technology, you may need to review and revise your current security administration processes, to standardise and simplify ways of working. It may also be possible to automate exisiting processes utilising your existing tools more effectively in order to gain operational efficiencies.


The introduction of new functionality or tools may require a change in the organisation.  This may result in changes to the support organisation but could also relate to changes in roles and responsibilities for business users, particularly approvers.  We help you to optimise your security organisation and will work with you to develop training and education to support the changes you wish to make.