Any SAP implementation, whether deploying a new system or a project to enhance existing systems, should take into account the requirements of a risk-based approach to authorisations and security. Achieving the delicate balance between functionality and compliance requirements is a significant organisational challenge.

Because of our tight focus on authorisations, Turnkey Consulting is able to offer complete engagement from the earliest phases of a project engagement through to remediation of existing solutions where highlighted by risk management tools such as SAP GRC.

Our knowledge of risk management objectives, understanding of business functionality and proven track record of delivery shows our experience of delivery in many types of implementations including:

  • New SAP implementations
  • System upgrades
  • Remediation programmes
  • Reporting projects


Including authorisations in the all stages of your SAP implementation ensures that effective management of risk can be achieved with minimal impact to wider programme delivery and ensure a coherent, cohesive and consistent approach to compliance throughout your SAP landscape

Through early engagement, understanding business risk and applying a consistent approach, it is possible to align authorisations across complex landscapes to ensure that compliance is achieved in a consistent manner and greatly improve the ease with which end users, internal support and audit functions can determine the authorisation objectives and how they are realised.


Turnkey Consulting’s experience in implementing SAP programmes at all levels of business engagement allows us to use our knowledge of risk, SAP standard approaches and our key methodology to simplify the definition of business risk and design, test and implement solutions which combine the three hallmark components of good SAP configuration, namely:

  • Transparency – Allows easy understanding of the requirements at all levels of the business, from end-users to auditors
  • Sustainability – Minimal use of complex programmed solutions and a consistent approach ensures your authorisations can be scaled to adapt to a changing SAP landscape.
  • Supportability – Use of SAP standard approaches and engagement with internal support functions provides a simple solution to ensure transition to live service is achieved with minimal impacts to your organisation

Our partnerships with auditors and systems integrators, along with our relations with specialists in all functions of the SAP portfolio have allowed us to consistently deliversecurity to varous programmes across a large client base with projects of all sizes.