Securing planning and consolidations data which in many cases is highly sensitive is of the utmost importance for ay organisation. Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) varies immensely from organisation to organisation. For this reason, there is no ‘standard’ for implementing a security solution for BPC and any solution provided must be highly tailored to fit specific business needs, and take into account the way a business intends to use it in their end to end Planning and Consolidations process.


Turnkey Consulting has proven experience in applying both technical expertise and business knowledge to deploy authorisations solutions for SAP BPC, aided by their extensive knowledgebase in other SAP authorisations concepts including BW, HR, CRM, SRM and MDM. With a strong focus on business processes and compliance with legislative and audit controls, we are able to provide a purpose built solution to secure planning and consolidation data to meet the needs of any organization.

Applying security solutions for both the Netweaver User front end, and BW back end, Turnkey are able to provide an end to end service for BPC authorisations, including:

  • Implementation of security solutions for BPC
  • Review of BPC authorisations models, and rework to fit business needs
  • Quality Assurance of implementation design
  • Implementing security solutions for a BPC upgrade

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand processes, and to setup  relevant, comprehensive security modelswhile taking into account ease of administration of user access, segregation of duties and audit compliance.

Netweaver authorizations in BPC for End Users are based on three components:

  • Member Access – The restriction of data in Entity Dimensions, per application
  • Tasks – The restriction of the actions a user is able to execute
  • Business Process Flows – Access to these purpose built custom menus

Turnkey focuses on understanding your organization and user responsibilities, to ensure that the model for member access and task permissions enables users to carry out their work, while at the same time securing data effectively. We work with the business to map users to BPF’s and building a model of teams within the Netweaver front end to enable ease of assignment of users to necessary permissions.

Turnkey’s focus in the area of BPC security is to provide a solution that is effective and durable; we aim to make the security solution delivered adaptable to future changes, and to involve the necessary parties from the business throughout implementation to enable them to take ownership for security going forward.