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How can I log access to sensitive HR Infotypes in SAP HCM?


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Tracking access and maintenance of particularly sensitive infotypes is good practice as part of an overall Governance, Risk and Compliance strategy and can be achieved using infotype audit logs and the infotype logging report.

You configure the PA audit log in the following tables:

HR Documents: Infotypes with Documents (V_T585A)
HR Documents: Field Group Definition (V_T585B)
HR Documents: Field Group Characteristics (V_T585C).

These tables are displayed via program RPUAUD00 which can be executed using either of the following transactions:

S_AHR_61016380 - Logged Changes in Infotype Data
S_ALR_87014081 - Logged Changes in Infotype Data

PD infotype changes can also be logged by configuring the following table:

Activate Change Documents (T77CDOC_CUST.)

The PD audit log can track changes to infotypes 1000, 1001, and 1002. The results are displayed with program RHCDOC_DISPLAY which does not currently have a standard delivered transaction attached.

More information on the infotype logging report is available in the SAP help.

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