The increasing cyber threat to SAP

and what to do about it

On-demand webinar with Richard Hunt, Managing Director, Turnkey.

As SAP landscapes become more open to the outside world - through greater interconnectivity and remote access - the risk of cyber attack increases exponentially.

In this on demand webinar, Richard Hunt from Turnkey highlights many of the latest cyber threats aimed at SAP applications, such as 10KBLAZE.

Originally presented at iTelli2019, this session explores how moving beyond roles and authorisations and into a more "end-to-end" approach to SAP security can be more effective.

Specifically, Richard covers:

  • A breakdown of SAP cyber threat types
  • An overview of the end-to-end security concept
  • How to move beyond SoD monitoring
  • The SAP tools and add-ons that can help

Webinar details:

Recorded on: Friday, 14 June 2019

Duration:  45 mins

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