SAP Business Integrity Screening (BIS) 


Detecting fraud and anomalous transaction can be a time-consuming and costly yet ineffective process. SAP BIS is a tool that helps combat this by allowing compliance teams to detect anomalous transactions early and stop them before they result in a breach or fraud. 

Large sets of data can be scanned automatically using predictive analytics, highlighting any suspicious transactions and allowing you to fix them in real-time.

As part of a wider GRC strategy, SAP BIS can help provide a more productive, lower-risk and more effective GRC function.

The Turnkey Consulting Solution

At Turnkey we can provide support for all SAP solutions, including SAP BIS. We also help organisations define and execute their wider GRC strategy with our SAP GRC Managed Services.


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A managed service for GRC can give you a strong platform from which to solve these challenges and close your capability gap quickly, without a large upfront investment.

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