SAP Application Security 

What is Application Security in SAP?

SAP applications are becoming increasingly open - with the introduction of S/4 HANA and Fiori exposing them to a greater level of threat than ever before. At the same time the threat profile is growing, with attacks such as 10KBlaze proving just how important SAP Application Security is. 

Many organisations don't consider SAP application security soon enough during implementation - resulting in costly retrospective changes. At Turnkey we help organisations secure their SAP applications and overcome many of the common mistakes made during SAP implementations.

The Turnkey Consulting Solution

Our SAP Application Security experts will design your roles and authorisations, ensure regulatory compliance and remediate any security vulnerabilities before your implementation - meaning your SAP Applications will never go a day without being fully compliant and secure.

At Turnkey we have a wide pool of SAP Application Security expertise. We can provide advice on individual projects or augment your existing teams with our SAP Security Managed Service - filling the expertise gaps in your organisation, without the cumbersome recruitment processes.


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