The 5 Key Business Benefits of SAP's S4/HANA

by Matt Harwood on 25 August 2016

SAP S4/HANA is proving to be SAP’s most successful ERP system. SAP’s involvement with ERP solutions dates back to 1979 when SAP R/2 was launched. In 1992, SAP R/3 was introduced and we have continued ...

How to Enable More Growth by Taking More Risk with More Control

by Tom Venables on 19 August 2016

In an era where change across all aspects of business is accelerating, the ability to adapt and grow separates the best companies from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, this can be hampered by ...

3 things every CEO needs to know about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

by Richard Hunt on 12 August 2016

The General Data Protection Regulation is in its final phase of implementation and will become law in all EU Member states in May, 2018. I recently took part in a Roadshow with Norton Rose where ...

7 things every Director should know about their FRC Risk Management responsibilities

by Richard Hunt on 5 August 2016

Every Director knows they need to ensure that their company is managing risk. But what does that mean in practice, and what does the law require of a company Director with respect to risk management ...

How to change the cost ownership of your business risk management

by Simon Persin on 27 July 2016


Who owns your risk management function?

For many companies this seemingly simple question is difficult to answer. For those lucky enough to have an enterprise risk ...

Brexit and the future of the EU Network & Information Security directive

by Richard Hunt on 22 July 2016

The European Commission originally proposed the first EU-wide directive on Network and Information Security (NIS) alongside an associated cybersecurity strategy in 2013. The key priorities of this ...

How to protect SAP within your Data Centre

by Alex Ayers on 14 July 2016

Hosting business applications and data is not a new concept.  Mechanisms, terminology and custody can change in an industry that is always seeking the ‘next big thing’, but enduring InfoSec ...

Is Investment in IT Security Tangible ROI or merely an insurance policy?

by Richard Hunt on 5 July 2016

It is difficult to articulate ROI on IT security. It is a bit like wearing a protective equipment when motorcycle racing: there are regulatory reasons why you need to do it, along with personal ...

Day 2 Round-up Vlog from GRC 2016 Vienna

by Richard Hunt on 21 June 2016

Day 1 Round-up Vlog from GRC 2016 Vienna

by Richard Hunt on 20 June 2016