How retail can maintain control of the Carrots whilst also counting the Beans!

by Simon Persin on 2 March 2017


Is Buying Anything “As A Service” simply Rent Vs Buy?

by Richard Hunt on 21 February 2017

The technology progression that enabled anything delivered as a service has some key milestones. Cassette recording of music and video allowed us all to time shift our consumption of media. Then ...

We’re off to a Good Start in 2017 with SAP GRC 10.1 Support Package 16!

by Richard Hunt on 6 February 2017


Risks Management: The  IoD’s New Directors Competency Framework

by Richard Hunt on 19 January 2017

The Institute of Directors recently released their new ‘Director’s Competency Framework’. The framework is the latest effort by the IoD to define the competencies required by Directors and the ...

Is your CISO now more valuable than your CMO in protecting your brand?

by Richard Hunt on 13 January 2017

Your CMO has traditionally been the guardian of your brand, nurturing and developing brand value by maintaining clarity, relevance and quality of your engagement with your target market and ...

Has the retail sector ever faced greater threats in this digital age?

by Simon Persin on 4 January 2017

Has the retail sector ever faced greater threats in this digital age?

The digitalisation of the economy has had a transformational effect on how businesses do business and therefore new ...

SAP GRC 10.1 Support Package 15 is out!

by Thomas Frenehard - SAP on 9 December 2016

If you are currently using SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions version 10.1, you will be interested to know that Support Package 15 is now out. 

In this short blog, we will ...

Moving beyond Least Privilege Access principles

by Simon Persin on 25 November 2016

Having been at the GRC Dreamzone event in Paris, I have been at the forefront of the futuristic thinking in terms of Security and GRC related themes. With an eye on the future, many of the ...

5 lessons every new company director must learn about business risk

by Katie Roberts on 11 November 2016

If the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word ‘risk’ is a feeling of fear, then we have something in common, you and I.  Risk comes in all shapes and sizes in business, and ...

A Quick Reference Guide on How to Choose Between GRC Consultancy and GRC as a Service

by Simon Persin on 5 October 2016

In today's market, customers have a wide range of purchasing options available to them. Consequently, I have been asked on numerous occasions whether it is best for businesses to ...