During an office redesign earlier in the year the idea for a wall mural was born, and Turnkey Consulting commissioned artist Vic Lee to produce it.
Everyone in the company was asked to contribute stories that they felt summed up Turnkey’s heart and soul, from how it works with its clients, to more irreverent anecdotes. The artist incorporated these and more into the design, along with his own interpretations (which included the ‘Heroes’ moniker, generated from client feedback about Turnkey being saviours and enhancers of online security). 

Richard Hunt, founder and managing director at Turnkey explains: “Our day-to-day activities revolve round handling business-critical issues for clients, many of whom are global corporates. We think it’s important to balance this by retaining a light-hearted element to working life when possible – it is this glue that helps to bind the team together.  The wall mural is a real-life reflection of who we are as an organisation and recognises that company culture is defined by people and their shared experiences, rather than words buried in the corporate handbook.”

A time-lapse video of the artist at work is available here.

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